Assembling Quality Global Solutions

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International Procurement

In Tradesur Inc., we structure international procurement activities maximizing the benefits to our customers.

Since 1988, we have established relationships with manufacturers specialized in the conversion and manufacture of high quality specialty vehicles and construction/mining equipment.

We can efficiently and reliably navigate the quagmire of regulations, red tape and paperwork required by government custom agents, and deliver the end product to your dock.

Coordination of Multiple Manufacturers

Components from Multiple Vendors

Planning Mobilization Logistics

Integrated Global Solutions

We can satisfy the delivery of your most complex requirements.

From a single piece of equipment to a complex project comprised of numerous components from multiple vendors in different countries.

With respect to funding, our open network provides unrivaled support, simplifying the process of acquiring equipment for international customers that have a preset credit facility.

Logistics Services

We provide global solutions in logistics and transportation systems of high complexity and specialization through an extensive logistics network, including package experts, transportations specialist, shipping lines, insurance companies, etc.

  • Air, Land and Sea Delivery Transport
  • Import and Export Process Management
  • Nationalization, Warehousing and Customs Clearance

How do we operate?


As engineers, we know the importance in beginning with specifications.
After requirements analysis, we locate the manufacturers of choice and begin the process.


We have the expertise and experience needed to coordinate with multiple manufacturers, regardless of their geographic location and assemble the end product.


We can efficiently and reliably navigate the quagmire of bureaucracy required by government customs agents and deliver the end product to your location.


  • Rigorous testing of the equipment
  • Training operations and maintenance
  • Timely activation of warranties
  • After sales support

While distributors represent a limited number of manufacturers,
in Tradesur we are duty-bound only to your requirements

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