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Tradesur Inc.

Founded on October 1988, Tradesur is a company with 26 years of extensive experience in the integration and assembly market for Specialized Vehicles and Supply of Construction and Mining Equipment.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, we have commercial offices in Mexico City, Caracas and Bogota. As well as an active presence in 6 countries, which qualifies us in a unique way to offer:  

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Tradesur Inc. History

2010 -2011

Establishes record sales in the 1st trimester of 2010 and opens new offices in the World Trade Center, Mexico City and Cordoba, Argentina.


An Increase is registered in sales by 270%, and Net Income by 190%

Manages the distribution of 12 Product Lines from manufactures in USA and Mexico.

2000 - 2011

Dun & Bradstreet has qualified Tradesur with the highest credit rating available:

  • Financial Stress: CLASS 1
  • Credit Score: CLASS 1
  • D&B Rating: 2A2 Recientemente Ascendido

The decision to create Tradesur, Inc. and Representaciones Tradesur SA de CV is finalized.

Establishing offices in Mexico City and San Diego USA, with the mission of expanding the representation portfolio with North-American and Mexican manufacturers, serving as export agents for Latin-America.

Comersur S.A. is born in Caracas, Venezuela

As the vision of a group of engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the International Business Construction Division of the multinational, General Electric; who recognized the need for distribution of construction equipment and high-quality specialized vehicles to satisfy the demand in this sector.

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While distributors represent a limited number of manufacturers,
in Tradesur we are duty-bound only to your requirements

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